Premature Ejaculation Pills

p12While we have discussed a number of potential treatment methods for premature ejaculation there is also the option of taking a natural supplement or premature ejaculation pill to help you boost your control in bed. However, while the idea of simply popping a pill and having your premature ejaculation problems instantly disappear is no doubt appealing, it is also highly unrealistic.

Many marketers of premature ejaculation tablets play upon this desire for an instant change by making a number of exaggerated claims about the results their pills deliver and while there are many marketers and manufacturers of these products to be avoided, some men find that a good premature ejaculation pill can actually improve there lasting time in bed.

Are There Better Options?

Before deciding to go for the “pill option” you should also look into getting your hands on a good premature ejaculation training program. These have the significant advantage of being able to deliver permanent results once you have completed the program. Sure they will take some effort on your behalf and a few weeks of training, but once you have mastered all the techniques and methods you will then be able to relax and never have to worry about embarrassing yourself by premature ejaculation ever again. This option also works out being a lot cheaper in the long run as with the PE pills option it’s an ongoing cost that will set you back around $600 per year.

If you do choose to go for the option of taking rapid ejaculation tablets it’s important that you go with a trustworthy company as unfortunately there are a number of companies that fail to honor their refund policy or offer inferior products.

Recommended Premature Ejaculation Pills


Delay Pills have been around for quite a while now and have built up a name for themselves as the most trusted premature ejaculation pill on the market. With many other brands coming and going Delay has stood the test of time.

What’s in Delay pills?
Each pill consists of the following active ingredients:
• Cnidium monnieri extract
• Cuscuta chinensis extract
• Griffonia simplicifolia
• Passiflora incarnata extract
• Pyridoxine
• Elletaria cardamomum extract
• Piper nigrum extract

Where to get them?
You can purchase Delay pills from their website here, where they offer free shipping and a no-questions-asked money back policy.


If you don’t mind paying a bit more and are after a premium product with added potency then Prosolution+ is the pill for you.

ProSolutionplus has reportedly been working extremely well since the release of the newly developed formula which specifically targets premature ejaculation.

Where to get it?

You can order Prosolution+ from their website here. They also offer free postal and will return your money if you are not satisfied. They also offer some pretty good discounts when you buy multiple months’ worth of tablets in one order.

Other Products

While there may well be some other effective pill brands out there, most of the other major brands in the market have failed to impress us as they either consist of low-quality and less potent active ingredients or have overly complicated and dishonest return policies.